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Wholesale Fashion, Cheap Clothes Batik, Batik, Men' s Clothing. Wholesale and Retail Receiving Batik Batik.

Sell various products Batik Solo, Batik Yogyakarta, Pekalongan Batik Dress Batik by various categories, ABG Batik, Batik Adult ( Blouse Batik) , Muslim Batik, Batik Couples ( Sarimbit / Couple) , Batik Hem Men, Batik Hem Son, Daughter Batik , Kaos Batik, Batik Ethnic Bags, Batik Mukena Children and Adults, Tas Laptop Batik.

Minimal 1pcs/ item reservations. Learn more visit http: / / Solo-Batik.COM
Batik Sarimbit Exlusif visit http: / / ButikSarimbit.COM
Over Sarimbit Solo Boutique

Booking: 08562509500
Tel: 0271 9220071
email: sales@ solo-batik.net
Website: http: / / www.Solo-batik.COM
http: / / www.Butiksarimbit.COM

More you can see our products at Wholesale-Batik-Murah.Blogspot.com

Here are the benefits of shopping via the Internet:
1. Avoid congestion on the road.
2. Save on transportation costs, parking fees, etc. ( Especially for those outside the city) .
3. Save time and effort.
4. Save costs eat and drink when visiting shopping places.
5. Avoid " Buying impulsive " ( tempted to buy other goods that are not needed)
when visiting the shopping places.
6. The purchase process is easy, just a message via sms / email, then transfer payments
via internet banking / mobile banking / ATM, then just sit and wait for the shipment of goods. : -)
7. Can shop at any time ( 24 hours a day) .
8. Avoid crowds / queues at shopping.
9. In total, you become more efficient shopping.
10. Can read information on each product in the online store website visited.

You may click the "Company Info" and "Contact Us" to browse and see other informations of www.Solo-Batik.COM's website.

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